2016 SDM Top 100 Rankings

Who is SDM?

SDM, or more formally Security Distributing & Marketing began publishing in 1971 by Security World Publishing as a supplement to Security World magazine which is still in circulation. The magazine primarily served as an education and information tool for security industry professionals, providing information on best practices and emerging trends in a young and quickly growing industry.

SDM continues to inform and educate and remains a premiere resource for the security industry. SDM’s annual list of the top 100 security providers remains a constant measurement of the industry as a whole as well as the companies that continue to work to bring security and safety to homes across the country.

What Is The SDM 100?

For over 25 years, the SDM 100 has served as a benchmark and snapshot of the security industry. Ranking the top 100 alarm companies serving both residential and commercial clients, this annual report provides a valuable perspective on the health and growth of the alarm industry.

Why Should This Matter To You?

Understanding the alarm industry as a whole and the alarm companies that comprise it can help you better gauge what alarm company you choose to help secure and protect your home. Knowing the security company you choose has been a long-standing provider with stable financials and a healthy business can mean you’re selecting a company that will be able to provide you with consistent quality service and attention through the lifetime of your security system.

The SDM 100 has been published since 1991 to measure revenue captured by one hundred largest alarm companies based on their recurring monthly revenue which is based on the monitoring service fees customers pay each month through the life of their agreement with the alarm company.

Who Made the List and Who Didn’t?

There are a few notable rankings worth mentioning. Specifically, eight companies that were included in the inaugural report in 1991 and each subsequent report, including the 2016 ranking report: ADT, AFA Protective Systems, Alarm Detection Systems, American Alarm & Communications, Bay Alarm Company, Guardian Alarm Co., Guardian Protection Services, and Per Mar Security Services.

In reviewing the SDM Top 100 below, you may notice the name of one of our top recommended providers is not listed – despite their popularity among experts and homeowners. So, why doesn’t Frontpoint appear on the list?

Well, you can put your tinfoil hat away. There’s no conspiracy here. Frontpoint in not on the 2016 list or any list from prior years for one simple reason: They’ve never submitted an application for inclusion in the SDM 100 list.

In order to be included in the list, each ranked company is asked to submit an audited or reviewed financial statement or a copy of their income tax return. As a privately-held company, Frontpoint would prefer the focus be on the outstanding service the company delivers and their customers exclaim rather than the health of their balance sheet.

While we’re happy to see companies like Guardian Protection Services and ADT ranking on the list and applaud their ability to remain important perennials in an ever-evolving industry, we feel it important to acknowledge Frontpoint who may never opt to receive industry accolades and praise, but continues to raise the bar, lead by example and contribute to the alarm industry’s growth and improvement in service and treatment of their home security customers.

Our Top 3 Home Security Companies

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like searching through the SDM 100 to find a good home security company. We’ve included our top three home security providers for your convenience. Based on more than just size or annual revenue, our rankings take into account product quality, technological innovation, attention to customer experience and overall reputation with consumers.

1. Frontpoint

Monitoring As Low As$34.99mon
Upfront Cost$99.95
Discount w/36 mo agreement$300 OFF
Call: (855) 903-7510

2. Guardian Protection Services

Monitoring As Low As$44.95mon
Upfront Cost$99.00
Special Promotion$1,500 OFF Security System
Call: (800) 905-5271

3. Vivint

Monitoring As Low As$49.99mon
Upfront Cost$99.00
Special PromotionFree Doorbell Camera
Call: (855) 903-7510

SDM Top 100 Rankings

1. ADT
2. Tyco Integrated Security
3. Vivint Inc.
4. Monitronics Int’l
5. Vector Security Inc.
6. Guardian Protection Services
7. Interface Security Systems Holdings Inc.
8. Bay Alarm Company
9. Central Security Group Inc.
10. Safe Home Security Inc. / Security Systems Inc.
11. Alarm Capital Alliance / My Alarm Center
12. CPI Security Systems Inc.
13. SAFE Security Companies
14. Protect America
15. Guardian Alarm Company
16. Kastle Systems Int’l
17. Johnson Controls Inc.
18. Red Hawk Fire & Security
19. Ackerman Security Systems
20. Alarm Detection Systems Inc.
21. ADS Security L.P.
22. Electric Guard Dog
23. AFA Protective Systems Inc.
24. NorthStar Alarm Services LLC
25. SafeTouch
26. Per Mar Security Services
27. EPS Security
28. American Alarm & Communications
29. RLC Security Inc.
30. SSD Alarm Systems / Kern Security & Fire / Alpha Alarm & McNeill Security
31. General Security Inc.
32. Mountain Alarm
33. First Alarm
34. Kimberlite Corp.
35. F.E. Moran Inc. Alarm and Monitoring Services
36. EMC Security
37. Select Security
38. Sonitrol Pacific
39. Sonitrol New England
40. Security Force Inc.
41. Sonitrol of Sacramento & Orange County, Cybex Security
42. Security Equipment Inc.
43. Doyle Security Systems Inc.
44. Custom Security Systems Inc.
45. Matson Alarm Co. Inc.
46. All Guard Alarm Systems Inc.
47. Koorsen Fire & Security
48. RFI Communications & Security Systems
49. DynaFire Inc.
50. Custom Security Systems
51. Supreme Security Systems Inc.
52. Redwire / Sonitrol of Tallahassee, Bay, NW FL, EC FL
53. Post Alarm Systems
54. Habitec Security
55. A-Com Protection Services Inc.
56. Sonitrol of Buffalo, Rochester, Toronto
57. Sonitrol Tri-County
58. Peak Alarm Co. Inc.
59. Intertech Ci
60. Blue Ridge Security Systems Inc.
61. Sonitrol SW Ohio
62. AMP Security LLC
63. World Wide Security & GC Alarm Inc.
64. Bates Security LLC / Sonitrol of Lexington
65. Acadiana Security Plus
66. Electronix Systems Central Station Alarms Inc.
67. Alarmco Inc.
68. The Protection Bureau
69. Crime Prevention Security Systems LLC
70. Scarsdale Security Systems Inc.
71. SMG Security Systems Inc.
72. Universal Protection Security Systems
73. Security Systems of America
74. Washington Alarm Inc.
75. Gillmore Security Systems Inc.
76. Richmond Alarm Company
77. Amherst Alarm Inc.
78. Valley Alarm
79. Atronic Alarms Inc.
80. Sonitrol Security Services Inc.
81. Bonds Alarm Co. Inc.
82. Sonitrol of Indianapolis
83. Sentry Security
84. NCA
85. Moon Security Services Inc.
86. Advent Security Corporation
87. Briscoe Protective Systems Inc.
88. Hoffman Electronic Systems
89. Yarnell Security Systems
90. Pacific Alarm Systems Inc.
91. Custom Alarm
92. LOUD Security Systems Inc.
93. VTI Security
94. Mijac Alarm
95. Sonitrol of Evansville Inc.
96. Secure Pacific Corporation
97. SIGNET Electronic Systems Inc.
98. Fleenor Security Systems
99. Allied Fire & Security
100. Sonitrol Security Systems of the Triangle
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