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(Added Jul 5/12) (Pinnacle Employee) This company is the absolute worst I have worked for and that my parents have ever dealt with.  Not only does the company lie to you to get you hired, but they employ false advertising techniques, lie to the customer by telling them their monthly fees will be covered by Medicaid or that there won't even be a monthly service.  They try to not allow the customers time to review the contract before signing so they can get them in without fully realizing what they're agreeing to.  They take advantage of elderly people and one sales rep has even forged signatures to get a contract. Evidently the company is OK with this behavior because that salesman is still with the company selling for them.  I can't even tell you all the install appointments I've gone on to only discover that, once again, the sales man has lied and the customer doesn't want the system installed.  I have driven hundreds of miles for jobs, made no money and got no money for my time or gas, then was not able to install the system because the customer discovered that the salesman had lied to them. Not only am I out my time and gas, but I'm not paid for a job so I've wasted hours trying to make $50 and ended up getting screwed on the deal.
(Added Apr 30/12) I love the company. They have great equipment and it always runs great. Sure do your research, but don't let a good deal pass you by because you are scared to make a move.They don't take your Credit card number. In fact the sales rep and the Technician do not take Payment of ANY KIND with them. The brass tacks of it are if you want a security system it is a great route to go. Excellent customer service and top of the line equipment. Pricing is the same or at least close to any other company. Why is it that some people have the need to be afraid of everything all the time? If you own your home why wouldn't you protect it? You have an alarm on your car I'm sure. As far as Mormon owned... That just makes me laugh. Who cares who owns the company and I think it's admirable that they help college kids pay for school. I wouldn't say my sales rep was pushy, more excited and energetic. I like that. If you've had a bad experience I'm sure they would like to hear about it. Never once have I ever been treated with anything but respect. Thank you Pinnacle.
(Added Apr 23/12) In the fall of 2009, a Pinnacle Security salesman came to my front door unexpected, but had good timing since my first child was due to be born and I was thinking I'd either rent my house (and an alarm system would be a good selling point) or that it'd be a nice security blanket for my newly-enlarged family...(read the whole review)
(Added Apr 12/12) i have read many reviews and most bad and only a few good, those good have which defended Pinnacle and saying that they haven't had any problems. Great :) Happy for you, but i have come across a page that states the people here on the reviews are not the only ones  There is obviously hundreds and hundreds of others that have had the same problems all across the country if there are 5 states attorneys filing or have filed law suits against this company for many of the same reasons people are here writing reviews, i myself was a victim of this company, i was lied to from the start, i had no clue what i was getting myself into, had just bought a house (literally had nothing in it yet) and they sold me their sales pitch, one thing i was concerned about was contract....a year wouldn't have been so bad, but 4?!? i was mislead and that is one of the claims in these lawsuits, i suggest all of you who have had problems with this company do the same with your states attorneys and get these problems taken care of cause they are obviously not stopping, my state, Iowa will be next so if your in iowa and have the problems stated in the website i have above then contact the states attorney, its what i will be doing, thank you
(Added Feb 28/12) I called pinnacle security to see if i could cancel my security monitor and to make sure i was not on a yearly contract. i was told that i was now on a month to month and that i could cancel it at any time for which i did at that time in January via phone. i was informed that notes were put in the system but that i would have to fax them a letter stating that i wanted to cancel my contract. i faxed them the letter on the 17th of January. i thought that was all i had to do. Februrary they charged my credit card again for another month. i called them again and was told that they had recieved the fax on the 17th but that i needed to call back and talk to someone again in the cancellation department. i was then put on hold for 5 minutes and then cut off. i called back and was told that they were very busy and someone would call me back. This didn't happen and so i called them again and finally got to the cancellation department. i was then told that yes the had all the information but that i had to give them 30 days notice and could not get reimbursed for the charge but that i would not get charged for March. i was very frustrated and needless to say not happy. i feel that this was unfair and that the company just wanted to get as much money out of me as possible. i don't blame the people working there because they were just doing their job but i do blame the policies of the company. in closing i would like to say buyer be ware.
(Added Feb 20/12) (Pinnacle Security Employee) I have read several reviews posted from other cities, states, consumers, employees, etc. and have found myself disgusted with some of the things I have read online.  Being on board my team, we are given all the tools necessary to be successful considering our age, education level, & desire to acquire new skills to take with us in our future careers, plus room for growth.  Obviously some have had bad experiences which Pinnacle much like other business' out there because no one company can make 100% of their customers happy 100% of the time.  The story about sales reps. throwing rocks is a shame and Pinnacle should have taken legal rammifications againest them. Surely they were not taught this is training.  My team leaders and managers have been there for us 100% and have promoted nothing but positive attitudes and success for our sales within legal guidelines as well as Christian backgrounds.  A few bad seeds or teams amoung a nationwide company is to be expected, regardless of what went down in Utah, however long ago (in which was settled, do you see those kids working here anymore?).  The only people that post online are those wanting to bash because they have  had negative experiences.  Perhaps the guy that drive miles away from home should have spoken with his new boss before packing up and leaving town, just a thought
(Added Feb 16/12) I cancelled their services when I left Edmonton back in Sept. 2011 just as their sales person (who came into my home and said all I had to do was call in and explain that I was leaving the country for the winter and would reinstate once back in Canada) he assured me this was all I had to do. I made sure he understood before I even agreed to allow them to monitor my home...(read the whole review)
(Added Feb 14/12) Pinnacle Security is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with.  They do not monitor your account, they have no customer service skills, and they could care less about the responsibilities they have to you with the alarm systems they install.  It is a waste of your money and a danger to your family to have them be your security team.  Check the BBB to verify!
(Added Feb 9/12) This is a company that cares about their customers.I purchased a Pinnacle system one Saturday from a salesperson who helped alter my contact length to meet my retirement needs. The system was installed the next Wednesday by an installer who made sure I knew how to operate the system before he left. The salesperson and I agreed that my interior alarm would be a glass breakage sensor rather than a motion detector which was installed at an agreed upon location. Ironically, the very next day I experienced a break-in via broken glass. I am impressed with Pinnacle's response. My salesperson was so sorry we hadn't planned correctly and arranged to have a motion detector installed right away at no charge to me. Corporate called the next day to inform me they are waiving my next month's payment to help with cost of the break-in. I would recommend this company to others.
(Added Jan 19/12) I purchased the Pinnacle Security system in 2008 because a sales rep came to my door and showed a very nice alarm system to us and also stated that it would be a "free" system as long as we sign a contract for one year. The installation would be free too. I asked if we moved than what he said only pay $35 to move the system.  SO a short time later we moved and Pinnacle charged me $99 instead of $35 and when my contract was over they wanted me to renew the contract I said no, they placed me in collections $1800 for the equipment that was suppose to be free. I am fighting this and I am having a very hard time getting this removed off of my credit. Anyone have any ideas?
(Added Jan 10/12) Pinnacle will not let you out of your contract and are very unreasonable. Their cutomer service is in need of an overhaul.
(Added Jan 6/12) I have had Pinnacle for almost 3 years and just found out the system has not worked except for the first 3 months after installation. After many phone calls to customer service they confirmed they installed one system but explained the operation of another. Pinnacle would only correct the problem if I agreed to having my monthly service fees doubled. When I spoke to a customer service manager he stated it was my responsibility to report the problem myself and too much time had lapsed. I don't know how I was suppose to know the wrong system was installed.  When Pinnacle came to my door to sell the system I was told they were a subcontractor for the company I had at that time. I have since found out they lied about that entire situation. They only said that to get the sale. I wish I would have looked into this company before signing a 3 year contract with them. The customer service has been horrible from the start and I have found they have several "cease and deceist" filings in several states for deceptive business practices. Beware of this company. 
(Added Dec 14/11) I had a Pinnacle Security system alarmed when a door-to-door salesman came around. The sensor on my carport door quit working. I emailed the company and was told to buy a battery and change it myself. I did. The sensor still did not work. When I called the company, I was told the would come replace the sensor for a $25 service fee. Since I am paying $49.99 a month for 3 1/2 years for the service, I don;t think I should be charged a service fee when their crappy equipment quits working! Do not use Pinnacle as your security company!
(Added Dec 13/11) So, I do wish I was not under contract with Pinnacle because I'd like to install more and their prices a too high. However, I've not had bad service. The contract length is way too long, but this was one of the first things the sales person told me after I said I was interested...(Read the whole review)
(Added Dec 13/11) I signed a 42 month contract with Pinnacle on Wednesday, November 23, 2011.  On Monday, November 28, 2011  I received a call from the alarm center stating my front door had been kicked in.  They alerted me that they dispatched the police.  When I arrived at my residence the police was not there.  I gave the alarm center a call to find out why the police still hadn't arrived...(read the whole review)
(Added Dec 1/11) We had two young guys come to our door and say that they were doing a special in our neighborhood and that they could install a system for free.  All we had to do was keep it for a year and pay $39.99 a month for a year.  We let them install it.  Later, we read all the fine print and found out that we had to keep the system for 3 1/2 years.  We have moved to Georgia from Tennessee now and we aren't using the system.  We just have to keep paying for it for 3 more years for nothing.  We were also told how easy it would be to take the system with us and that we only had to remove it from our wall.  It wasn't easy to disassemble.  We hate it that we have been scammed and hate Pinnacle.  Don't ever sign with these people. 
(Added Nov 16/11) I had an awful experience from the beginning with this company.  Two salespeople came to my door, and began with telling me that they were giving away alarm systems.  I regret that I was foolish enough to believe this.  After I signed up, I immediately found that the system didn't work...(read the whole review)
(Added Nov 16/11) In September of 2010, my 82 year old mother was solicited by Pinnacle Security and they installed a medical alert system in her home. She did not understand how to work the system, so she spoke with a supervisor on October 11, 2010...(read the whole review)
(Added Oct 14/11) My 84 yr old mother had contracted with ADT for over a decade with excellent results. One day a Pinnacle sales person approached her saying things that made her think he was with, "oh, I see we haven't reviewed your system in a long time. I'm sure there are updates that need to be made."...(read the whole review)
(Added Sep 20/11) Pinnacle guy shows up at my house at 8:15pm when it is completely dark outside. The young guy is sloppily overweight and has on dirty jeans and t-shirt. He shows up with his girlfriend in a beatup old car! Seriously!! You expect me to let you in my house! There was no company van or uniform! Completely unprofessional! I told the guy I changed my mind, so he asks if he can call the Representative who set up the appointment. He hands me the phone and the rep, Skye, has an attitude with me and asks why am i canceling when he went through the trouble to have the guy come out. He was very rude and persistent so I just gave the phone back to the guy and closed the door! Wow!! I cant believe Pinnacle would  be so unprofessional! I was referred by neighbors who has Pinnacle service for years but there is something shady with this company.
(Added Sep 20/11) This is the most unprofessional, incompetent, and undisciplined company I have ever worked with. They do start with a door-to-door salesperson; he was polite and answered all of my questions. However, it went all downhill from there. When installation took place, the installer hands me his phone and I was expected to take a satisfaction survey about the installer who stood right in front of me the entire time. When I call and ask about anything, I receive variety of responses depending on whom I am talking to, every time I call, I get a different response. The employees are obviously not trained well, and their lack of expertise shines through with every phone call. It is correct that they themselves do not monitor your property (a fact they do not disclose at the time of sale). I wrote a complaint to them and never received any communication from them to rectify my grievance. If you are looking for a customer friendly, proficient, reasonable company then stay far away from pinnacle security.
(Added Sep 20/11) pinnacle What a joke  never again  they got me this time I will never let pennacle on my property again they will lie -- after you sign your name it all over -- even if they lie to you to get you to sign up -- they rip me off shame on them
(Added Sep 17/11) I am very unhappy with this system.  After a false alarm, the Simon XT system beeped every minute without any means to stop it. Going 2 days and unable to reach Pinnacle tech support or any other department by phone. ANNOYING!
(Added Sep 17/11) I have this system for 2 months, the salesman scared me by telling me that anyone can disarm ADTsystem by cutting the telephone wires. I has gone off twice when I have not been home and twice once at 2:30 am and another time at 7:30 am. I tried to call techinla support this morning it is Sunday the 3 of September and no one aswers. The police have been out twice when the alarm went off an I was not home. This system cost alot of money to install and more monthly then ADT. I am so sorry I ever let them talk me into it. I am on Social Security and could barley afford it. This is very frustating. I repeat do not get this system it sucks. I am hoping I can return to ADT without any extra expense.
(Added Sep 1/11) I had this alarm system put in my home and have been very unhappy since.  I have had to take four vacation days off because they do no have a tech during the evening or on weekends.  Funny thing because my system was installed in the evening.  The worst customer service i have ever incounted.  I thought something was funny because when I signed my contract, they would not take a credit card or I couldn't mail a check each month.  They debit my checking account which would make it difficult to get rid of them.  I would have to get a new checking account which is difficult.  I believe they do this by design.  When I have problems, they expect you to be the tech.  They had me open the box, removing things, changing wires.  Unbelieveable and they are not cheap.  Avoid this company!!!
(Added Sep 1/11) We have had pinnacle for just over 2 years. Recently when I pay the bill online, their system has decided to cancel my payments after I receive a conformation number that my payment was successfully sent....(read the whole review)
(Added Aug 28/11) We've had Pinnacle for four months now. Our Pinnacle system replaced an antiquated system from ADT. The need for quality home security has been long understood in our home.  We couldn't be happier.  The Pinnacle equipment is state of the art. The contract is fair and reasonable. Our sales rep was honest and forthright Pinnacle's customer care system periodically mails us to see if we are satisfied, have questions or suggestions for future services.Most importantly....THE SYSTEM WORKS WELL...we never have false alarms. We recommend this service to all of our friends.
(Added Aug 24/11) I signed up with the door to door salesman, and then checked the reviews.  I was nervous to say the least, but everything went perfect.  Very professional salesman, exceptionally professional installer, and so far perfect system.
(Added Aug 16/11) The worst security system I've ever been burdened with. When they received my complaint the agent had no resolutions with the exception of you can pay to have this done. I'm already paying double compared with other companies to have my front door and back door monitored. They are unreliable, their product, and their customer service SUCK! They my have state of the art technology but that's all they've got.
(Added Aug 16/11) A Pinnacle representative stopped by our home last weekend and said the company (which was out of Virginia Beach) was attempting to make inroads in our locale and would give away equipment for letting us advertise their service.  The rep gave us the information, and his expectation was we would sign up immediately.  It did sound very good.  However, asking to review the contract before signing for 42 months of service, I found some disparities between what the rep claimed and what the contract said.  I am SO glad we did not contract for this service after reading some of the experiences other customers have had.
(Added Aug 15/11) I would like to caution everyone, I have unfortunatly been a Pinnacle Alarm customer for 12 months & still have 12 months left on my contract.  The person who originally came to my door offering home security alarm system was untruthful & offered me security supplies that when date of installation came they stated to me that even though my contract said qty it meant points and 4 points = 1qty.. needless to say after many phone calls and  complaining we finally had system installed and we were out some cash we didn't expect to pay.. time has passed and we had no more serious complaints.  Recently my family members on my the emergency contact for pinnacle brought to my attention the numerous harrasing phone calls they have received from Pinnacle stating "I" recommended they get Pinnacle Alarm so untrue and worst off my father recently passed and when my senior citizen mother received their call saying I recomended they call her, she accepted.  They proceeded to go to her home and install 3 door sensors  and one monitor placed in Kitchen visible from front door.  Awful experience during an already tough time..  Pinnacle Alarm has proven to me They are a shady company.  Fortunatly, we cancelled mom's contract.
(Added Aug 15/11) I wish I had read all these comments before I let them talk me into their system. I was told what equipment I would be getting by the man who sold me the system but when it was installed I didn't get it all. I called and was told some of it is extra. Never was I told that. Then I was told let me check with the man who came to your door to see what he promised you and she assured me she would call me back. That's been 2 months ago and no return call. I also was told it took a few minutes to install. I was having a family bbq that night and was told not worry they would be at my house shortly and be done before the party. He arrived 1 1/2 hours late and it took him over 3 hours to install it. The only reason it got done that quickly is because I had a previous system and he didn't have to go up to the attic to set up the wiring. What a mess. People here for a bbq and where he was installing it was in the path to the bathroom. The same day they sold it to me I was told they would install it. I questioned why would you install it the same day when I have 3 days to change my mind. He said they would install it and if I didn't want it GE would have to come out and take it out. Didn't make sense to me. They are good at helping with a problem but I would never recommend this to anyone.
(Added Aug 15/11) Pinnacle is not a scam.  Those who say it is don't truly know the meaning of the word. Pinnacle is very similar to my previous alarm company, APX (now Vivint).  They offer similar services, but I'd say Pinnacle has the leg up on their products being made by GE whereas Vivint's are made in house....(read the whole review)
(Added Aug 14/11) We are two years into a three year contract with this company.  We have had nothing but problems.  Currently we are having issues because our alarm has gone off four times when we are gone between 8:00am and 8:30am because of the same door.  It does not happen when we are home because our alarm is always disabled by that time.  We have brought this to their attention and nothing has been done to date.  The other problem is their inability to copy phone numbers down correctly.  The police have been dispatched to our home twice because they either copy numbers down wrong off the contract or when we add a number they replace our main cell number.  We have had lots of problem with billing as well.  I had asked if they could make a note on our account not to dispatch the police if the alarm goes off in the morning during the time in question.  They said they could but with further thought I asked that they not because there would be confusion somewhere and who knows what would happen or not happen.  I cannot wait until my contract is over!
(Added Aug 14/11) Pinnacle sold a system with a two year contract to my 92 year old father. The system has only been armed during the original destination. The wall device is detached from the wall and has been hanging by the wires for quite some time. They refuse to understand the situation and to release him from his contract. Despicable company. I'm considering going to the state consumer protection agency.
(Added Aug 14/11) When I was sold this system I was assured that my dog would not trip the motion detectors.  They told me that dogs under 40 pounds would not be a problem.  My 13 pound dog trips the alarms.  I'm not a happy camper!
(Added Aug 13/11) I am not a subscriber to Pinnacle's services, but my 86 year old mother was approched by this company in July of 2010. After convincing her( without the aid of any other person present) that this was the ideal security service for her situation,  the contract was signed and the alarms installed.
After only one day of use it was apperant that this was too complicated a system for an elderly person to use, so she proceeded to fill out the cancellation papers and fax them to the number provided. ( This was done 4 days after the contract was signed well with the 10 days allowed).
She realized that July's payment was not refundable but when she was still being charged in August, a call was made to the agent, and she was told that no fax was recieved to their office.
There was no confirmation record to go on, but her word that the fax was sent, but to her dismay she was bad....your now locked into a contract and will have to pay us for the next 3 years.
After one year she payed out 1800 dollars to have the contract revoked, so with that said approx 4600 dollars has been sent to this company for a device that did not suit the needs of the client.
I am particularly upset with the fact that this company would even approach a woman of this age ( no matter who's mother it is) and set up a long term contract.  This kind of sales tactic are used by scam artists and con men.

(Added Aug 11/11) I have pinnacle in my home. I got it four or so months ago. I love it...especially all the iPhone app stuff. I travel a bit and it's really cool that I can check my iPhone to make sure my wife armed the system that night. I also got a new touchscreen for my bedroom. Pretty sweet. I also don't have to have a phoneline. That way I don't have to pay a phone and an alarm bill. Oh yeah one time my power got tripped where my alarm was plugged into and pinnacle sent me an email that there was a power that fixed quick. I've checked out a lot of alarm companies they all have 3-5 year contracts. So pinnacles is 3.5 years. But that's obvious. I know want those image sensors that they have all there website. Pinnacle is a good company. I also had my grandparents get one and my mother'n'law and they tell me they are very happy they got one too. Byw happy people usually don't waste their time putting reviews online, just the unhappy people. I was just curious since I typed in pinnacle on google and this site came up. If you get the alarm get the cell system it is awesome.
(Added July 4/11) I'm very sorry to see all these bad reviews, but I am aware that more people write bad ones than good ones.   I have had Pinnacle for over a year now and am very pleased.  I may use it in a different way than others, as I use it when I am in the house as opposed to being away from the house.  I have been very happy with the personal response when the alarm has gone off.  I can't imagine myself without this system.  I have no problems with billing or customer service. 
(Added July 4/11) (Comments from a Pinnacle Employee) This is in regards to everyone who says that Pinnacle Security scams their customers. First, pinnacle security has a contract like every other security company and every cell phone company. Majority of the people who say they were "scammed" are mad because they were "sold" a system by a representative who is good at their job. Pinnacle Security is...(read the whole review)
(Added July 4/11) I have had Pinnacle as my alarm provider for 3 years now and have recently renewed my contract for another almost 4 years!!!!  I have not had any problems and/or complaints.  I have had my alarm triggered a few times (sometimes by myself by mistake) and they immediately call and if they do not reach me, they go through my contact list.  Also, with my recent renewal I was given 2 touchscreen panels (and an upgrade to my main panel), a smoke/heat alarm, and another door/window sensor as well.  In addition, I am now able to arm/disarm my phone via my iphone4 and my touchscreen panels also display anytime a window/door is open (even when the system is disarmed) and also provides me with a 4 day weather forecast.  From the first installation, to the renewal installation - no complaints from this customer.  Finally, my front door sensor recently was inoperable and they sent me another, free of charge!!!!  I called tech support once it arrived and it was extremely simple to reinstall and program.  I am sorry to all that have had poor experiences, however - I would recommend Pinnacle to family and friends; and I have!!!
(Added July 4/11) I just signed up with Pinnacle because I thought they offered a quality product that worked for my lifestyle.  The salesman was professional and helpful and waited for me to call my family, check them out online and answer questions regarding negative reviews.  I have been looking for an alarm system for awhile now and, while not the cheapest, I felt Pinnacle offered exceptional coverage and service and was willing to pay a bit more for the services provided.  From start to finish, the whole thing went smoothly and everyone was great to work with.  The installation guys were awesome and went out of their way to accommodate where I wanted the panels installed.  Since then I have contacted customer service for help and they were professional and friendly and walked me through the online setup that I was having trouble with.  Now, admittedly, this is a new service and I will update this in the future if something goes horribly wrong but for now I have to give Pinnacle a thumbs up.  I'm extremely happy with my system and with the peace of mind it provides me when I'm traveling and at home alone.
(Added June 4/11) I am very disappointed to read all the negative comments about Pinnacle.  I have not had a single problem with their system!  Love it!
(Added June 4/11) We have been with Pinnacle for 3 years now.  My wife and I got the system after a door to doors salesman came to our home.  He appeared to be a really nice guy, and had our best interest in mind.  The installation took a little longer then expected but, we were able to have a working system that day. To all those who think that pinnacle is a SCAM perhaps you should try reading the contract first.  They are a business that operates no differently then a cell phone company.  They will give you a good deal and you have to uphold to your end of the deal.  It's really not that hard of a principle to understand.  My wife and I have been satisfied with our system ever since.  Thanks pinnacle for helping us out!
(Added June 4/11)The employees who justify their actions by saying that its the consumers responsibility to "know" what they're signing. True. Because we believe that the contract is not only protecting Pinnacle but the Consumer.
Its ashame the contract is written to SCAM and PROTECT ONLY Pinnacle. Pinnacle does not give a rats a$$ about YOU!
Secondly, if you read the so called "contract" you will find out that the contract only explains how pinnacle will NOT COVER anything.
Interestingly, they will NEVER tell you that you supposed to reactivate the alarm every 30days, otherwise its, many of their victims dont realize this for years......STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!
(Added June 4/11) Do not get an alarm system from Pinnacle. They ARE scam artists and their customer service people are inept. My system doesn't even work correctly - it doesn't "send a strong enough signal." They will mess up every detail, but they never mess up the billing. They always get the money (although, one time they took too much... oops, they said). Don't do it. If they are in your house right now, tell them you have a sudden case of explosive diarrhea and get them out of there. I think I've developed a severe hatred for Mormons because of this company. That's a shame, but I just associate Pinnacle with Utah Mormons.
(Added June 4/11) I just had this security system installed yesterday.  The salesperson and the enstaller were great. Today, I am reading the reviews on line.  It is a little scary, but the installer did a great job.  I am going to try to call them on Monday to check if they answer their phone. I will write again of my experience!!!! I hope I don't have to use the "3" day opt out.
(Added June 4/11) If you want a dependable alarm system that provied you with security, stay away from Pinnacle or Vigilon. They know how to talk the talk and make it sound like the greatest alarm system on the marker however, after tripping my alarm several times with the fear of police arriving at my door or a call from my "devoted and guaranteed" alarm provider, I soon realized that my home was no more safer than it was before I had the alarm installed. However to top off the disastisafaction on my alarm system they have absolutely no second thoughts about debiting my account twice in the same month, on a few different occassions I might add. When I called them to please be released from my contract they held me to it asking me why I wanted it taken out. I tried several times to explain to them that they, nor the police, re-act when the alarm is set off not to mention the extra funds that were taken from my account. After a lengthy conversaion with them and explaining my dilemma about the alarm and how dissasitsifed I was they merely looked the other way and said I was locked into it. PLEASE, if you require an alarm system to make your home and family safe, STAY AWAY FROM VIGILON AND PINNACLE. They can feed you the bull but don't stand behind the fancy words or guarantee they lock you into for 3 1/2 years. There are many alarm systems out there that will gladly provide you with the service you need when purchasing a system so this company is definitely not the one for you!!!...
(Added May 3/11) Pinnacle security is the worst company to have install your alarm system.  If you want it to work, find a different company. Pinnacle screws most of their reps and technicians out of their pay.  Why do i mention that, because if they are fine screwing the people that do all the work, they have no problem screwing the customer.  That is why they have AN F with the BBB.  Find a local company versus getting scammed into signing up for an alarm with them where you wont be able to get service in the future.  They send their people out for a few months in each market, if you have problems after that, they will send you the part and walk you over the phone how to repair your own alarm system, how nice of them.
(Added May 3/11) To the Prince Georges Co. MD Pinnacle (unsatisfied) customer:  There is relief from Pinnacle!!  I live in PG County MD and was EXTREMELY dissatisfied with Pinnacle, after all the deceit and poor customer service from Pinnacle.  After only a month or less, I tried my level best to get out of my 39 month contract with them.  The winded up transferring my monitoring service to a copy called Monitronics, where I was being billed $53 a month, even though the contract states $42!
If you really truly want out of your contract with Pinnacle, please contact me at <Editor: email addresses never published>
Also, there is a company called Ackerman Security from Georgia, which is making its rounds in the DC metro area.  The ratings on line appear positive, so I'm giving it a try.
(Added May 3/11) Pinnacle / Vigilon's customer service is horrible! Everytime there is a change or an issue, I have to call back 3-4 times before it is dealt with properly. Their contract is ridiculous and once when the alarm went off and I was not home, they waited 1/2 hour before calling me and when they couldn't reach me, they didn't even send anyone to the house! I thought that was the whole point of having an alarm... This company is a joke, poorly run. I do not recommend.
(Added May 3/11) I have had a security system with pinnacle for about 6 months and at first I was skeptical and felt like I had been sold on something instead my needs really met, but the sales consultant who sold it to me had me install one of their smoke detectors in our home and recently that detector saved not just our home but lots of priceless memories in all of our belongings. So I just want to say thank you Pinnacle we really appreciate the effort it took to get us on board now that a tragedy has been avoided.
(Added May 3/11) We were duped in August 2009. My elderly husband and I found out the truth too late. Now we are in a 39 month contract but not service.  We have received late calls when my bill was paid; now I find out that they changed the amount on their copy of the contract so I have to submit a copy for them to see before it can be corrected. Wish I never had to hear the name again.
(Added April 29/11) To the Prince Georges Co. person who has Pinnacle Security:  As a resident of Prince Georges Co. MD who had a terrible experience with Pinnacle, you MUST contact the BBB in Utah.  Pinnacle Security is one of the worst alarm companies yet.  Their customer service gets the same grade as their BBB rating - F.  I too was approached by two young student salesmen.  The installer showed up 15 minutes after I signed the contract, probably a ploy to get me to not cancel.  The installation was awful.  I still see remnants of the bad installation!
(Added March 18/11) Yes, me too. (Prince George's County, MD)   I was approached by who seemed to be 2 very nice young men at my door.   The installation took all night but after all I got a great deal with no installation fee, and the young men were very mannerable.   However, they did something wrong within the wall with the phone wiring, and I haven't had full use of my phone line since.  This has been a little more than a year. The phone company has sent their techs out to repair the line. The repair works for a month or 2 and then the line does not work at all.   The phone company says the security techs should not have accessed my phone line thru the wall on the inside but that they should have accessed the line from the outside.  Otherwise my phone line will continue to drop off as it is.  Pinnacle techs have come to my home to investigate the problem, but they said the installation was done correctly, and the phone company has to fix the problem.  I'm at my ends wits about this.   I'm ready to use another security company who will install their equipment correctly.  Advise is wellcome on how to get Pinnacle to do the right thing or how to get out of this contract.
(Added March 9/11) I have had pinnacle security for 3 years now and their service is the best out of them all. They have excellent customer service, hold up to their word, and kept my family alive when a break in happened one month after I got the system. Everyone has their worries and domaines but really comes down do you want your family safe when your at work? The cost of their service is one meal for you and your family eating out. You cannot afford not to have it. Police were at my home two minutes after my wife pushed the panic button on her key. The price was and still is worth my family being alive today. Like I said you can't afford not to have this company, I had ADT before and not to bag on them because although they did do their job they just don't compare.
(Added March 8/11) Do NOT use the security system, Pinnacle!.... SCAM!  This company preys on the older population and should be ashamed!  My mother had a security system with a different company that she was under contract with when a Pinnacle representative showed up on her doorstep telling her Pinnacle had taken over the other security company and he needed her to fill out the "needed" paperwork.  His name is nowhere on the paperwork and signature is completely ineligible.  Someone else came out to take care of "updating" the equipement.  There can't possibly be that many rogue agents as is claimed by the company who are taken care of.  I called the company and explained the situation and there response was "too bad... she signed our contract" for which she was now under two contracts having to pay for both until the first one expired!
(Added Feb 11/11) Pinnacle Security actually is giving quite the deal. If you have ever looked into buying a security system they are very expensive, to get one for free for just doing some advertising it is a great deal! I have had my system for 5 years now, i did the 42 months then kept the system up and running because it works so well. As far as customer service and trying to get out of a contract....READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!!! FINE PRINT CAN GET YOU!!! i can see someone getting excited about a system and not paying attention to little details....If people would just be more responsible there wouldnt be all of these bad reviews, there is no scam just an offer, if you take great if not great, just make sure you know what you are getting into before you sign up to do things!! and your life would be sooo much easier i promise!!!
(Added Feb 4/11) (Pinnacle Employee) To start this off with, I myself have worked for Pinnacle Security for almost four years. I have read all the BBB reports, and understand where most of these complaints come from. However, if you notice, there are no unresolved complaints on the BBB. There have been occurances of what are known as "Rogue" agents wandering the streets. These people are taken care of swiftly as soon as their shady tactics are revealed. I do appologize that this happens. But it is thanks to these complaints that we are able fix the problem, and remove/blacklist these people from ever going door to door again. The only advice that I really have to give to avoid any of these problems from occuring in the future is to make sure that YOU yourself read ever little part of the contract BEFORE you place your signature upon that paper. Everything you need to know is written within the confines of those pages. If something sounds too good to be true, read. But, if I can I would like to personally find out what areas these complaints are coming from, so please leave a City and State so these "Rogues" can be found and dealt with. If anyone would like to conatact me I can be reached at
(Added Feb 4/11) Anyone interesting in possibly ridding themselves of Pinnacle and wishing to just "vent" one on one should respond at  Looking for ways to get out of a contract with Pinnacle, please contact.  I've met someone who gave me some tips on getting Pinnacle to resolve the issue.  With the states of New York, Illinois, Ohio, going after them for their unethical tactics, this company needs to become more customer focused and see the points of customers if it chooses to remain in business.
(Added Jan 26/11) I am so unhappy with this provider.  There were two major points that persuaded me to sign up with them.  1) After 12 months of on time payments, monthly bill would decline by $20.  2) If services were cancelled early, I would only be responsible for 75% of the payment.  I've moved since signing up and was not able to install a security system due to renting instead of owning.  So not only did the payments not drop like they had initially stated, but they are billing me for two years of services not received.  Customer service means nothing to these people.
(Added Jan 26/11) F.  That is what BBB gives them....(read the whole review)
(Added Jan 25/11) I personally have no problem with Pinnacle system security or actual service.  It's the scamming part that I am so angry about. A school salesman came to my door just like it sounds like they are doing with everyone else and sold me a ONE YEAR CONTRACT, which consequently somehow turned into 39 months!  I would never even agree to that.  No way to cancel.  These people are absolultey scam artists.
(Added Jan 12/11) We purchased a home security system from Pinnacle.  It was assigned to SAI and then to Castlerock.  Our contract was for 36 months.  In the 35th month, I called to cancel our service.  I was informed that I must send them notice in writing 30 days BEFORE the end of the contract or our service would continue for another 12 months!  In other words, I was a few days short of this, so they refused to cancel our contract.  When they did not receive payment, they began to call daily including evenings and weekends.  I finally made payment just to get rid of their annoying phone calls!  I have never heard of a contract like this in my life!  If you have any idea what we can do to get rid of them, let me know!!
(Added Jan 12/11) We have had the service for 5 months now. We love the service and security it provides. There has been appropriate follow up calls. We are pleased with Pinnacle and look forward to continued relationship.
(Added Dec 30/10) Pinnacle is not a customer friendly security provider.  Currently it has almost 1600 complaints with the Better Business Bureau.  It appears that NY state has just about run them out of business there.  I certainly wished I had done my homework.  This company had student salesmen working for them.  Before I could fully read and cancel the contract, an installer showed up at my door.  I guess this was a tactic used to prevent me from cancelling.  Nevertheless, the installation was poor done and the installer actually forgot to install the motion detectors, which were eventually installed.  Now I have two sets of motion detectors, which looks absolutely ridiculous.  Aren't these things supposed to show motion???  You know the little red light??? (Note from Admin: Most wireless motion sensors do not show a light unless the system is armed. It is a battery-saving feature) Anyone interested in a class action suit????
(Added Dec 26/10) I've had Pinnacle for about 6 months.  I have had absolutely no problems with this company.  My alarm works great and Pinnacle customer service ranks high with my family.
(Added Dec 26/10) I have been trying to call Pinnacle's technical support but it keeps hanging up on me....(read the whole review)
(Added Dec 24/10) Pinnacle is the worst ever.  Save your money and stick with leaders, ADT/Brinks, Vector, etc.  I got scammed by a door to door salesman back in July 2009.  He winded up sending an "installer" who came later around 7:30 pm, advising me that installation would be 45 minutes.  This so called "installer" winded up "installing until about 2:00 am, causing loud noises, disrupting my family and neighbors!!  I told him he had to continue the next day.  He couldn't leave because his car had run out of gas in my driveway, blocking my vehicle!!  My husband had to go and get him gas.  The work they did was shoddy shoddy shoddy.  The area where the key pads are have holes all around.  The "installer" failed to install motion detectors.  The system "died" and I didn't even get a phone call from Pinnacle!  I had them to return to correct the holes in the wall, but was informed that they couldn't.
Again keep your money and stick with the well known security companies!!!
(Added Dec 11/10) On Tuesday May 11, 2010 I called Pinnacle to test my security system as required by....(read the whole review)
(Added Nov 24/10) (Pinnacle Employee) I have been an employee of Pinnacle for the past 5 years. I have to say that the training is great and the pay is exceptional. I have realized that honest sales reps last long in the company and make the most money, the company does a great job with compliance and keeps their reps honest for the most part.
(Added Nov 24/10) Worst customer service! We have had our system for a year and a half now. I called on a Saturday morning because we found out that we will be moving so I wanted to find out all of our options for our contract. I called the number that we have on our contract and followed the promts to reach someone that could help with relocation. The voice recording said that they should still be open but then just disconnected. So I called back and selected the option to put in a new system (I figured I could reach someone there!) sure enough someone answered. He transfered me to someone who "could help." He told me that he didn't know what to do in our situation and that I would have to call the relocation department. I told him that I had already tried that and it says that they should still be open but it is not. I also told him that the way I reached him was by calling the sales department and then he hung up on me. I called back again, this time to the false alarm department, they transfered me to someone else and she said, "Oh sorry, they actually close 3 hours earlier than what the recording says." All she could do was have someone call me on Monday. Worst Customer Service. We will not be using them at our new location.
(Added Nov 23/10) In June 2007 I signed a contract with Pinnacle (Castle Rock now). I called in January to ask for cancellation of service. My system went off twice no one called from Castle Rock and no authorities came. I stopped using it within 6 months.  I was reminded that I signed a 3 year contract that would end in June 2010. Customer service said to send a letter in stating that I want a cancellation 30 days prior to that day. I did. Called back in July after seeing my bill they said they never received it so I faxed them the cancellation letter. Now I am responsible for payments until the rest of the year because the annual renewal is already in effect. I have called numerous times trying to cancel this contract. Spoke to several employees. Going up the chain of command but getting nowhere. I wish I had looked them up with the BBB before signing the contract. They truly deserve an F rating for their customer service.
(Added Nov 16/10) (Pinnacle Employee) I worked for Pinnacle for a year. The company took great care of thier employees. The job was not an easy job at all but I loved helping secure families. Every morning we were required to attend a meeting to help us improve our sales tactics and try to overcome objections. NEVER once were we taught to lie to costumers. The system is indeed a great system. In all jobs of course we are out there to get paid. The pay was good. I had over 90 some odd accounts and only one person cancelled. I was truthful and our job door to door was very exhausting but at the same time rewarding.  In every company you have sales persons that are not truthful and do what they have to do. I don't understand it and don't condone it. I'm a female and I had to work just as hard as the men. I just let the system sell itself and thats what were taught. We're not bad people or a SCAM. Prior to working for Pinnacle I had a system installed in my home and I paid over 1200.00 for the oldest system it looked like. To all potential customers don't base your security needs off of these reviews.
(Added Oct 30/10) We have been a customer of Pinnacle for just over a year.  We were paying quarterly.  Since December 2009 we have not received an invoice from Pinnacle, nor did we receive any phone calls, etc.  On October 4th, 2010 we finally received a call from Pinnacle and my husband asked they sent an Invoice ASAP - we were concerend they went out of business because they used to call about a low battery (which we have continuously replaced and our system doesn;t even work).  We received the Invoice and paid in full ASAP.  The next thing that happenes is that I start getting calls from a collection agency - how dare you Pinnacle?  We have stellar credit.  After further research our bank sent a certified check to Pinnacle, yet Pinnacle said they do not have it.  I was advised that Pinnacle probably refused payment and sent us to the collections agency to handle.  Um - if a client is paying you in full for services why wouldn't you take the money?  Again - how dare you Pinnacle do this to people.  It's not right!
(Added Oct 30/10) I am not happy at all.  We just recently switched to this alarm company about....(read the whole review)
(Added Oct 29/10) I purchased a security system from Pinnacle in early August of 2010.  The salespeople were....(read the whole review)
(Added Oct 5/10) Not happy at all!  I have had nothing but problems since day one....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 26/10) (Employee Comment Added Sept 29/10) (Updated Jan 12/11) I was a customer with Pinnacle for about 15 months.  They recently sent us a letter saying....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 26/10) I signed up with Pinnacle Security Systems in August of 2009 and I just received a letter in the mail that my account was transfer to ADT.  I called customer service and they said there was nothing they could do since the transfer was already made.  I don't want ADT!
(Added Sept 25/10) We were approached by door to door saleman, and we were skeptical. However we have had the system 10 days and we are impressed with the service and follow thru. We had a problem and the service tech came out the next day to fix the problem. We had 2 false alarms due and the quickness of the call center to determine if it was a legitimate situation was very impressive. We look forward to a long term relationship.
(Added Sept 10/10) (Rebuttal Added Sept 29/10) I have now had two run-ins with Pinnacle Security Systems Representatives and am now even more disgusted....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 9/10) I've been with Pinnacle Alarm since June 2009. The young man who....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 3/10) I just wanted to post a review of my experience because I see....(read the whole review)
(Added Aug 17/10) I am active duty military, and I sent orders to Pinnacle to have my contract canceled....(read the whole review)
(Added Aug 12/10) This has been the absolute worst 'security' system we've had.  And be HAVE to cancel before the automatic renewal date.  What a piece of work Pinnacle/Castle Rock Security is.  We THOUGHT we were with Pinnacle, but they're just the middle-men. They then sell your contract to whatever system that's out there.  Ours is apparently based in CHICAGO.  We're in NORTH IDAHO.  We can't get out of this crappy contract until June, 2011.
(Added Aug 12/10) This company is so negligent, I would like to know how to file a class action lawsuit.  My system was installed and the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide sensors were not tested by the technician.  When I asked the technician about it, he just stood there in silence like an creature from outer space that did not understand English.  Lies were told to me from the very beginning. There are too many issues for me to type here.  How can we start a class action lawsuit?
(Added Aug 4/10) To the Pinnacle employee that posted, since getting our alarm 2 months ago there is at least 150 new complaints at the BBB. The BBB acts as nothing more then a mediator with no real power to put the company into action to resolve the issue. Exactly as we were told by the BBB in Utah. From problem free alarm here for years, to false alarm HELL with Pinnacle not willing to let us out of a contract on an alarm they can not get to work, oh and yes they did happen to mention if we want out we can pay a fee for breaking the contract (on a system that does not perform they way they promised). Being warned by the police that to many false alarms can put you on a blacklist and a real alarm could end up not being responded to. Our next step Consumers Bureau and a Lawyer. Oh and get this you can wait up to 2wks+ to get a tech out.  - signed, one PO'ed customer that will be threatening to call the police if any door to door salesman from any company show up on their doorstep!
(Added Aug 4/10) Two young salesmen for Pinnacle Security came to my home on....(read the whole review)
(Added July 19/10) So Pinnacle sent out a young man to my home to speak with....(read the whole review)
(Added July 19/10) In 2 and a half years, my system has gone off twice. Both times my....(read the whole review)
(Added July 11/10) Do not do business with this Pinnacle Security. This is one of the most....(read the whole review)
(Added July 11/10) I recently had some damaged done to my system and call Pinnacle c/s that was about a week and a half ago, since that time I've been getting the run around. Each time I call I get a different story about what is being done to correct the problem. The last time I called, I spoke with a rep who gave me an invalid UPS tracking number. If this company is on the up and up why do they have to lie?  I just want my alarm fixed that's all, just like they want their money.  Which I would gladly stop paying.  I'm really trying to be patient and do the right thing here, but this company can bring out the worst in someone. Up until now I thought that I was with a good company who cared about their customers but I was wrong. I am so disappointed with myself and pinnacle.
(Added July 1/10) I purchased a home alarm after the same thing....(read the whole review)
(Added July 1/10) I have been with Pinnacle for almost three and a half years now. I have nothing but good experiences with them. I know that in any company (especially one that operates like pinnacle) that you are bound to get shady people telling untruths. For those who feel like somebody lied to you or took advantage of you maybe you should be more skeptical and make sure you fully understand the deal before you sign for a three or four year contract. Nothing is free in this day and age and if you don't ask for the catch nobody will tell you. Shame on you for making a mistake and then getting mad at a legit company for trying to make it. As far as the people who said it costs twice as much as ADT, I pay $2 more a month than I did with ADT and everything that was covered is still covered and then some.  Pinnacle is a great company to deal with and I do and will continue to recommend them to everyone I know. For those who disagree I will see you on the nine o'clock news crying about you identity being stolen too.
(Added July 1/10) I live in Lithonia, GA. A salesman from Pinnacle Security knocked on my door and told me that people in my neighborhood had been cutting the phone lines before breaking into the houses so that the alarm systems would not function. I called my Home Owner's Assoc Pres who confirmed that, in fact, this was the case. Pinnacle installed a brand new cellular alarm in my home with a touch screen key pad. I love it. I was even able to cancel my home phone line (which I only had for the alarm). I haven't had any problems. The salesman and the electrician were both respectful and professional. I would recommend Pinnacle to anybody.
(Added June 24/10) A Pinnacle salesman came to my home and persuaded me to try their system....(read the whole review)
(Added June 24/10) I have been with Pinnacle for 2 years and have never had any problems. It is NOT a scam. It is a legit company with a great system. People that say they were scammed were ones that didn't read the contract or listen to the Representative. There are dishonest people out there, they might have hired a few dishonest salesmen, but that doesn't mean the whole company is corrupt! They are a great monitoring company and if it weren't for them I might have lost my 2 children to a house fire. So thank you pinnacle security representative for knocking on my door!
(Added June 23/10) On June 3, 2010, ***** ******* knocked on the door of....(read the whole review)
(Added June 12/10) I'm very surprised to see all these negative reviews out here.  I have been very satisfied with Pinnacle.  The salesman and the rep were both very professional and courteous, the system worked from minute one and hasn't had a hiccup, and the charges have been exactly what were disclosed.  I am locked into a 42 month contract, but that was fully disclosed by my salesman.  This is the first alarm company I've worked with, but my expectations were to get a fair price and to get good service.  I have to say those expectations have been fully met.
(Added June 12/10) (Pinnacle Employee) I work for Pinnacle currently in the Las Cruces, New Mexico office.  First of all, I want to start off talking about the BBB rating that is an f.  If any of you would do a little research instead of only reading the negative reviews, you would find out that the reason we have an f at the BBB is because there were four different states that a couple rogue sales agents sold a few alarms in that were not licensed.  The BBB says as soon as one sells without a license, you automatically go to an f rating.  (Wyoming was one of those states where only one alarm was sold that contributed to our f rating).  Pinnacle is working with the BBB right now to change the way their system works, because all this happened years ago and Pinnacle has taken steps to change the old ways. If you look at our numbers we have over 900,000 accounts with only 1,400 complaints, all of which 11 have been resolved.
(Added June 11/10) On the date 05/24/10 around 6 o'clock, a salesman representing Pinnacle Security came to my home....(read the whole review)
(Added June 2/10) I am very shocked at all the terrible terrible reviews I have read about Pinnacle Security. Most of....(read the whole review)
(Added May 28/10) This company has just SCAMMED my 83 year old mother into believing she needed a home protection system in a 65 ft trailer!  When she called to cancel they said "we'll get back to you".  No one did and my mom kept calling to cancel and they finally answered her call on day 4!  When she told them she wanted to cancel they said sorry your past your 3 day period!  She can't afford it!  Her sales rep ripped her off and never called her back to cancel it and now they want her to pay $50 a month for 3 years.  They now have her SS# and her bank account #  which we went right away to the bank and stopped payment to this company and then we called consumer protection. They are sending out forms for us to file suit against this company. I then called the company and they they said they would review it and offered me a lower rate per month!! I said NOOOOO get your equipment out of this house we are not paying you a dime. Consumer protection said they would back us in our efforts. What a bad company. Don't let your aging family members get caught up in this mess! I also sent out a letter of cancallation to the company, CERTIFIED, for proof. How do they sleep at night doing this to older people. They should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage by using these tactics! BEWARE PLEASE!
(Added May 27/10) I was informed by their sales rep that I'll have the first 2 months free and an extra month for....(read the whole review)
(Added May 27/10) Pinnacle is terrible.  Fast talking door to door salesman convinced my elderly mom to have equipment installed immediately with guarantee of removing at no cost in 30 days if she didn't want it. She had not consulted her children and it was agreed to have it removed before any costs were involved.  Saleman later said on phone, "Give me 2 days." He knew the removal time was 3 days and not 30.  She could not get him on the phone after that...of course!  Pinnacle people were "So sorry" but she has to pay for 2 months because time limit was not met.  Person on phone said this salesman will be "disciplined".  I bet.  The company's apology should have come with a waiving of the two months they are making my mom pay for NOTHING!  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use Pinnacle Security Systems.  The equipment might be great...we don't know...their sales tactics are dishonest and predatory!!!!!!!!  We will tell everyone we know, meet or have influence over that these are scammers of the cruelest kind who take advantage of the elderly.  I am ashamed of them.
(Added May 18/10) I have had Pinnacle for over a year and have had no problems.  The alarm has gone off a few times, I have been called by the alarm monitoring company on my land line and cell phone. When they couldn't reach me (I was asleep and slept thru all the ruckus) they contacted the police who showed up promptly.  The times that the alarm went off and I was awake and able to respond, they were very courteous and polite.  All in all, I have been very happy.
(Added May 18/10) When the door to door sales rep approached me, I explained that I was very medicated for severe migraine activity from....(read the whole review)
(Added May 18/10) Pinnacle security is like any other company.  Obviously not everyone is going to be satisfied. Look at Toyota, they've been a great company.  A few mis haps and everyone wants to crucify them.  Pinnacle has secured the homes of over 900,000 people in the last 10 years.  And how many complaints are there?  Not many.  My alarm by pinnacle works great. No problems. I have the new touch screen which is by GE and is an amazing piece of equipment.  I find it disgusting to read the negative reviews some people post, simply because someone from Pinnacle, usually a younger guy in his 20's, sold an elderly person an alarm.  Elderly people are not mentally handicapped, and I highly doubt a gun was put to their head.  They can decide for themselves.  And to all the haters out there, ask yourself, out of every company you've been a consumer of, have you ever once posted positive feed back?  Probably not. Your all just a bunch of babies.  Grow up and be responsible. 90 percent of pinnacles complaints are just people with buyers remorse who decided to cancel to late after the notice of cancellation period.  Lets get real people.  Pinnacle is a great company and has been good to every reference I have ever given to the sales rep who originally sold me my alarm 2 weeks ago in Minnesota.  He was honest, caring, and actually pretty funny.
(Added May 17/10) I had signed up for the security system back in July of 09....(read the whole review)
(Added May 16/10) To start off with I can't believe I fell for their scam.  The salesperson is fast talking with upgrades left and right. I told him we had alot going on and he said it would be fast.  I got completely sucked in.  He said the only way you could get the promotion and upgrades is that you had to be flexible with the installation.  I said o.k. and then he was on the phone, and lo and behold they were in the area.  I had already had service with ADT and liked them, but the upgrade and $10 less a month sounded like a good deal.  About 15 min later there was the installer, trying to get me to buy more products.  He left me with a DVD and a 4 page instruction booklet but had not told me how to change  the password. I figured I would just call the 1-877 # and ask them.  No live person to talk to.  I called the sales person back who had the installer call me, by this time I knew I'd be cancelling the contract. I had checked online and found out that they had an F rating with the Utah BBB.  The next morning I called the sales person twice and let him know that I'd be cancelling and to have an installer be there in the a.m.  I told him that I was sure that there was someone available since they had come so quickly to connect it.  He got back to me and let me know that I had to fax the original document to the company. I will do that tomorrow.  I am happy that the other reviewer stated that they were prompt about that.  Again, can't believe I fell for it, but it happened so fast.  Beware if they come knocking.
(Added May 7/10) Pinnacle Security is a scam and a joke.  We had a door to door sales man come to the house....(read the whole review)
(Added Apr 30/10) Pinnacle has more satisfied customers than disatisfied in my opinion! I have had the system, got my parents the system and had many others tell me how well it works for them.  The sad and simple truth is that their are untruthful people in the world, whether they are the sales reps trying to make a deal or whether they are the customers just trying to get out of the agreement they signed up for.  I can honestly say that as I have used our system that I have been as pleased and more pleased than many of my neighbors that have "other" alarm companies like ADT or Broadview.  If I were a sales person I would stay away from a lot of the flaky people who just want a handout and then when the realities of the world hit they back out and don't own up to responsibilty.  This life is what you make of it. Thanks Pinnacle security for securing our home very well.
(Added Apr 30/10) I have nothing but good things to say about this company. First off they were very professional and willing to help. The guy who explained my system was very knowledgable and seemed to really care about my family and interest. Anybody who has anything negative to say about Pinnacle should get a life and stop complaining. This is a great system w/ alot to offer, and it's the best thing I've ever done for my family.
(Added Apr 21/10) I strongly disagree with the author of the review dated 1/9/10. Pinnacle Security is in fact a scam and their contract is....(read the whole review)
(Added Apr 12/10) This company is totally unethical and preys on older people.  The Sacramento Sherrif's Department has....(read the whole review)
(Added Apr 12/10) I live in Miami, Florida. I had (an) ADT Security System before, and never really had a problem with them....(read the whole review)
(Added Apr 6/10) I just want to commend the Pinnacle guy for installing our system professionally. I'm usually used to installers or tech visits to my home and I usually always clean up after they do their jobs in my home but Pinnacle's rep was very professional and he cleaned up right after he installed our security system. He even did a safety evaluation before he installed everything. My previous company just installed and left without even entertaining my concerns coz he apparently had "hectic installation schedules". Courtesy is not common these days but at least there are still companies like Pinnacle Security who truly values what their customers really want and need.
(Added Mar 29/10) Within two weeks of installing the security system I received calls from various Pinnacle representatives requesting a payment for service.  I'd already given a three month advance payment to the system installer in the amount of $147.97.  Needless to say I was less than thrilled to receive numerous calls for payment which was already provided to the agent.  Moreover, I continue to receive calls to this day for payment.  This waste my cell phone minutes and if this inept firm does anything to my credit rating I'll see them in court for defamation.  The GE hardware maybe good but the Pinnacle Security firm is the worst firm I've ever dealt with in my life.  If I receive one more notice for payment of a bill, I've already paid I'll seek legal counsel and terminate the contract.  I hope someone from the firm reads this and passes it to the CEO or COO. I recommend anyone stay away from this train wreck of an organization.
(Added Mar 22/10) I have been very unhappy with the alarm since it was installed. My previous system with ADT had 3 keypads. The salesman for Pinnacle misled me into thinking that I would be getting a similar system. I have false alarms constantly. My garage was robbed in spite of having the system. I quit setting the alarm about 18 monthsa go because I was tired so all the false alarms. Pinnacle wanted to charge me to come to my house to check the alarm as they said there were no false alarms. Of course there weren't I never set the alarm!
(Added Mar 15/10) (Updated Mar 15/10) As someone else wrote, I wish I'd known of  this site before doing business with them.  I told the salesman....(read the whole review)
(Added Mar 15/10) I live in Los Angeles County, California and had the alarm installed almost 2 years ago and had so far a great experience with the system and the customer support.  I have had two alarms go off accidentally, and within minutes received calls on cell phone plus text messages indicating which sensor had detected, and in one of the two occasions the police was called and showed up in less than 5 minutes. On the other alarm I requested the monitoring center not to call the police.
(Added Feb 13/10) This "company" scammed me, and falsified a document, claiming a contract that was one year, was 3 years, and also installed the alarm without a permit. My city, Hollywood, Florida, when contacted said that the company would be in serious trouble, as it appeared they had done multiple residences without any permits, and the city would investigate. When I told Pinnacle this, they agreed  to cancel the contract, but then 3 months later, a charge from them appeared on my debit card - now they are hassling me again, and trying to say that "there's no way my account could have been cancelled". Unfortunately for them, I saved the voicemail from the individual I dealt with, with him stating "your contract is cancelled, I apologize for the inconvenience". I'm still waiting for a call back from the same guy, but the people in the cancellation department were very rude. Tomorrow I will be going to the city building department, and this company is going to be in MAJOR trouble. After that I'll be headed to the BBB of South Florida. It's ridiculous that these people are willing to get shutdown, and would rather rip people off for as long as they can get away with it. This time, I guarantee, they will lose big.
(Added Feb 12/10) In May of 2007 we signed a security contract with Pinnacle Security which was later....(read the whole review)
(Added Jan 31/10) (Updated May 10/10) I returned having been gone for three months. My grandma had a new security system....(read the whole review)
(Added Jan 30/10) I have been a customer for 2 yrs and 8 months with Pinnacle Security and I can tell you that their service....(read the whole review)
(Added Jan 21/10) I just want say, Pinnacle is the worst in customer service. Its been a nightmare dealing with them and I've only been with Pinnacle for....(read the whole review)
(Added Jan 9/10) (Updated Mar 11/10) Pinnacle Security preys on the elderly and scams them.  My mother can no longer....(read the whole review)
(Added Jan 9/10) This company is not a scam or ripoff. We as consumers need to....(read the whole review)
(Added Dec 30/09) Pinnacle Security fail to get proper permits before installing the system.  The code inforcers are charging double the amount for the permits to the customers, due to Pinnacle failure to secure proper permit.  Pinnacle customer service department don't know what they are doing.  Everyone passes you on to another person, who doesn't understand anything.  I wonder is this a legitamate company.  Pinnacle breach the contract by not getting a permit before installing the system and now trying to collect from customer.
(Added Dec 29/09) My 83 year old father-in-law was conned into an alarm system from Pinnacle.  To set the stage, here is....(read the whole review)
(Added Dec 29/09) This company is a total ripoff!  Do not get an alarm system from them or you will....(read the whole review)
(Added Dec 28/09) Let me start off by saying Pinnacle preys on the elderly!!!!  My parents had ADT Alarm system for several years and completely satisfied and....(read the whole review)
(Added Dec 14/09) No one forced you to buy the system! You are all pissed because you didn't read the contract first or you don't understand how to use the system properly! You are all blaming everyone but yourselves. Read, read, read!  No refunds after 10 days! Watch the how-to dvd and pay the company what you agreed to pay them for the alarm system and monthly monitoring.  Pinnacle is doing nothing wrong but providing protection for your home and family for a price. It's called business!!!
(Added Dec 12/09) For all the people who have written a good review on Pinnacle, I too was a pleased customer for awhile until....(read the whole review)
(Added Dec 12/09) I am not happy with Pinnacle Security. I was called very early one morning to state there was a problem with the alarm, but the caller could not provide any further information about the source of the problem. I called Pinnacle to follow up and I was told that there was no problem with the alarm. I had the motion detector put in, then as I have cats, was told I could not use it- which conflicted with what the sales guy said! I called to cancel my alarm due to financial reasons. I called twice to find out when I would receive a bill. The termination dept. could not tell me when a bill would be sent. Pinnacle sent my final payment (as I was cancelling in the middle of the contract and had to buy out the contract) to collections! I find it very frustrating that they sent the bill to collections instead of sending me the bill directly.
(Added Dec 4/09) I'm a representative for IPV Marketing, we do business with Pinnacle Security and....(read the whole review)
(Added Nov 24/09) Scam artists are the only words that describe Pinnacle.  They cannot get anything straight on their paper work or from their customer service.  No one seems to know what the other person is doing although they claim to record all calls.   We took the service to help a young man who knew our son's family.  I cannot complain about the installation, but once it was installed I learned they are monitored by Monitronics who are almost as useless as Pinnacle. We have been sent reams of paper work on which phone numbers are wrong and in one instance my husband was married to our daughter in law.   All Pinnacle can say is "I'm sorry".  I refuse to give them a credit card number and they informed us they do not bill customers.  They do not receive payments from on line banking.  How far in the past can they be living?  Stay away from Pinnacle even if it means being without an alarm.  They are useless, fraudulent, and totally unprepared to do business.
(Added Nov 19/09) (Updated Jan 31/10) I was basically hi-jacked by Pinnacle security.  I had a ADT sign in....(read the whole review)
(Added Nov 16/09) We have had the alarm for 6mos. We were told at the time of installation that our cat would not set off the motion detector. In the first month alone we had 3 false alarms at $75 a piece due to the cat setting off the motion detector. Pinnacle offered to come out and install a glass break to replace the motion detector... 5mos. later & havent seen that happen yet. We no longer live at the house where the alarm is installed & have been waiting for our transfer paperwork for a month now. We have had the transfer paperwork "mailed out" for a third time. We are paying for an alarm system in a house that we no longer live at, where a new tenant will be moving into within the next couple weeks. All Pinnacle can say is that they are sorry. If my credit was not in the 700's I would let that bogus company take me to collections. Pinnacle is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They should be ashamed of themselves.
(Added Nov 15/09) Wow... I'm not sure what to say.  There are lots of negative reviews here.  I purchased a new....(read the whole review)
(Added Nov 14/09) My uncle, who is Vietnamese and 70 years old, hooked up security service with Pinnacle service several months ago. He has had nothing but communication errors with them. Initially, the service tech set his password as Mountain not Mountain Dew (even though the paperwork says Mountain Dew). So when the alarm was tripped for the first time, he told the representative the password was Mountain Dew. They said that was incorrect and sent the police over. My uncle then had to pay the police department a $50 fine. He then came home from work and the alarm was tripped. He was unable to disable the alarm. When the woman came through the speaker she couldn't understand him, so she sent the police again. Now he has a $75 fine. If you think you are only doing business with people you understand, then why can your representatives not understand their own customers. So, I try to call and cancel the service for him to be told he agreed to a contract and would have to pay the remainder to cancel. So, if I understand this correctly, our elderly family members are required to hold up to their contract with poor service, but Pinnacle Security has no obligations to hold up any kind of service agreement. Think about this when you claim to be legitimate professionals!
(Added Nov 2/09) I just wanted to let everybody know out there, DO NOT ever go with Pinnacle Security.  They are the worst company I have ever....(read the whole review)
(Added Oct 24/09) (Updated Jan 22/10) I have been dealing with this nightmare of a company since my house was broken into in August 2009.  SInce August I have spent countless hours on the phone and waiting for a tech who cancels on me.  My motion dector has not worked since it has been installed.  My tech who finally showed to an appointment states that I'm not the only one having this issue.  He was told to give us extra equipment to make us happy.  Well I'm not happy no matter how much equipment they give me.  My house was broken into and I want my equipment to work.  You can't seem to get a manager on the phone to get it resolved, and when you suggest that you want to cancel they state that there is a fee.  All I want and expect is for an alarm system that I was sold to work.  I suggest anyone researching systems to not go with Pinnacle, it is the worst service and customer service I have had.  I would rather pay the extra money to another company and get the service and system I expect.  Do not go with Pinnacle Security they are a joke.
My issue was not really resolved, I just gave up.  If I had a choice and did not have to pay a cancellation fee I would have changed companies.
(Added Oct 7/09) (Updated Jan 22/10) My complaint is against Pinnacle Security because they scammed my father....(read the whole review)
(Added Oct 6/09) The sales people are deceptive and use scare tactics....(read the whole review)
(Added Oct 5/09) We had service with Brinks that was almost up and we were happy with it, when a sales person from....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 23/09) If you feel that you have been wronged by Pinnacle Security, read this and let your actions speak louder than your words....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 23/09) This company is a huge rip-off!!!  First of all, they said that a neighbor referred us to them and....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 18/09) (Pinnacle Employee) First, I want to correct a review from 9/09. Castle Rock did NOT buy out Pinnacle....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 18/09) These are the most deceptive liars I have ever encountered and believe me I work in....(read the whole review)
(Added Sept 9/09) I have news for you all.  Castle Rock Security has bought out Pinnacle and SAI.  I had to call them today, because my alarm was malfunctioning, the techs were wonderful and the customer service reps were also amazing.  When I called Pinnacle's 1-800 number it was disconnected.  Haleluiah!
(Added Sept 9/09) (Updated Jan 22/10) Had Pinnacle install our company security system early May 2009. Installer set power supply to outlet tied to light switch. Every night I turned off lights, I would get 3-4 phone calls at my home at 2-4am stating that there was a power issue with the Pinnacle system. I immediately notified company of the issue, and then at least every other week since May. No return calls. No "Supervisor" was every available. No technician ever sent to solve the problem. I offered to remove equipment and return it and to just cxl contract and we all walk away, but they insisted that I would then owe entire balance on 3 year contract for a system that did not work right to begin with. Closest technician finally arrived 8/1 (from 3 hours away), and removed all equipment. Pinnacle is such a joke. Amazing. 2 overnight delivery letters and and FAX and never recd a response. In contrast, I have ADT at home, and no issues and when we did have a system issue, they responded immediately.
Following Pinnacle's legal department's threats against us for non-payment of an alarm system that did not work right from day one (turns out it was hard-wired to a wall switch that also operated our light, so as employees left and turned off light, it also turned off alarm. Real rocket-science.  I finally attacked Pinnacle's legal department, and they relented and "in the interest of good relations" forgave us the "past due" for the alarm that never worked from day one. How benevolent of them.
(Added Aug 31/09) (Updated Jan 22/10) I have found Pinnacle to be the most difficult company I have ever encountered. Although the installed equipment seems to work properly, the billing procedure does not. I signed up for a mailed bill quarterly. Despite four phone calls with lengthy sessions with each agent of the company, no bill has ever arrived. I get two phone calls every day, dunning me for payment. As of this writing, I have no idea how much I owe, or where to send payment. I have even written the company through a certified letter. Still no bill. Still phone calls come every day. Evidently, Pinnacle doesn't understand that normal business procedure calls for mailing a bill to its customers. My advice is to stay away from Pinnacle.
The problem to which I alluded was finally resolved by Pinnacle. Now things seem to be going well.
(Added Aug 31/09) (Updated Jan 22/10) The sales guys were fine to deal with, although they neglected to tell us upfront about some of the taxes that would be charged on the monthly service fees ($2-$3/month).  The technicians were awesome.  Friendly guys who did everything they could to make sure we were happy with the system.  The contract is a little longer than most, but not a big deal, since we need a monitoring service anyway.  Overall, I think these guys are pretty decent to work with.
Actually, Pinnacle did adjust my monthly rate back to $39.99 from $42.00 a couple months ago.  I am still satisfied with their service and have had no problems with my system.  Pinnacle provides a needed service and gives us the security equipment to use.  My biggest concern will likely come when my contract is completed.  Will they be unresponsive to registered letters asking for termination of service.  Other alarm companies tend to be unresponsive to requests for service termination, even when made in good faith after the contract expires.  I guess only time will tell if Pinnacle acts in a similar manner.
(Added Aug 24/09) This is the best alarm I have ever had.  I have looked into a lot of companies, but I decided that Pinnacle beat all the other offers.  Everything was exactly as the sales rep said.  I feel like I got a great deal, and I love the system.
Archive Of Updated Reviews:
(Added July 7/09) (Updated Oct 15/09) Well, I decided to use the Notice of Cancellation Clause that is suppose to allow the consumer to cancel the agreement within three business days....(read the whole review)
(Added May 24/09) (Updated May 27/09) We bought our system from a door to door salesman on a Friday evening and had it installed the same night.  The salesman was very nice and answered all of my questions patiently....(read the whole review)
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